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Have I mentioned how much I love coming home and shooting wedding photography in Santa Fe?  Wedding photographers are often confined to one city, but I’ve been lucky enough to have grown my business in both New Mexico and Nevada allowing me to travel between both to shoot some truly spectacular weddings!  Its funny because Las Vegas is SO different from Santa Fe that when I come back to New Mexico, I get a fresh perspective every time, where as growing up in Santa Fe, I couldn’t truly appreciate the beauty.

This week’s wedding for Jen & Gabe brought it all back home for me.  We were able to walk the historic streets of the Santa Fe Plaza for some great photos, and when we got sick of that location, (Ok, who can ever really get sick of the plaza?  Its so cool!) we headed down to Sandia Resort & Casino to finish up the photos and party at the reception! We had such a fun time getting to know Jen, Gabe, and their friends and family (and there were LOTS of guests, almost 300 to be exact)!

The day started at La Fonda hotel where we met Jen and her beautiful bridesmaids while they were having their hair and makeup done by the fabulous girls at Gloss Salon.  Everyone looked gorgeous in their beautiful deep purple dresses!  And the light in the room was gorgeous.  (Of course I’d comment on how pretty the light was, the nerdy photographer that I am)



From La Fonda, we headed straight over to the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi (one of my FAVORITE locations in Santa Fe, and maybe the most iconic as well) for the ceremony.  There is really only one way to describe a wedding at the cathedral, no matter which way you put it, weddings there are GRAND!


I think my favorite part of the ceremony was at the very end as Jen & Gabe were walking out of the church after their first kiss, the bells were ringing out for them at the top of the cathedral’s duel towers.  Like a freaking fairytale!

After the ceremony we headed around the plaza getting some amazingly romantic shots.  Wedding photographers in Santa Fe are lucky to have such naturally beautiful backdrops full of adobe architecture!


And at the end of our session at the plaza, we had to go out with a bang.  Gabe has this amazing purple Challenger that he wanted to somehow incorporate into the photoshoot.  I thought it might be cool if we got a rugged and manly HDR shot of the both of them kissing up against his car with the cathedral in the background.  The only problem was, in order to get that shot we’d be blocking off an entire intersection.  Luckily, my handy secondary photographer of the day Jennifer, flagged down and charmed some handsome policemen and convinced them to come and stop traffic for us as we shot!


All that trouble to get this!


Then we headed down to Sandia were the view was amazing.  We finished up our photo session and headed inside for an amazing party.




All in all, what an amazing day this was!  Jen & Gabe were truly so much fun to be around, and I feel truly blessed that I was a small part of their day!

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